7 Common Auto Body Repair Misconceptions

You might not want to go through with an auto body repair, but knowing everything about it will save you time and money. We don’t want to surprise you with unexpected costs and repairs as car professionals. That’s why we’re about to debunk 7 common auto body repair misconceptions.

It’s Necessary to Go To Your Car Dealer for Repairs

Several people believe that they need to get their vehicle repaired at the original dealership shop. They think that they can only get quality parts and the best repairs there.

However, you should know that most car repair shops near you are also up-to-date with the necessary equipment and knowledge to handle your vehicle. They can provide the same level of quality that car dealers can offer or even better in most cases.

Insurance Companies Decide the Place for Your Car Repairs

Insurance companies only provide recommendations where you can find discounted services. The keyword there is “recommendations.” You’re free to choose who will repair your car regardless of what they say.

Auto Repair Shops Offer the Same Services

You might think that auto repair shops can provide the same quality of service. Sadly, not all shops are created equal.

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Entrusting your vehicle to a substandard shop will bring you more problems in the future, so be sure to take your car to a trusted and reputable mechanic.

Mechanics Don’t Need To Touch Other Parts of a Damaged Car

It might seem unnecessary for mechanics to take a look at every part of your car after they checked the visible damage. However, know that it’s essential to the repair process.

Accidents and vehicle damage often cause a chain of events that can affect almost every part of your car. For example, a minor fender bender can affect your suspension’s position, and it requires wheel alignment to fix.

You Can’t Fully Recover the Original Look and Condition of Your Car

Many people say that mechanics can’t return your vehicle to its original condition. This misconception is far from true. Sufficient training and modern technology made most mechanics capable of restoring your vehicle.

Also, note that there are laws that push them to avoid returning your car in a more sorry state than it was before.

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Unibody Frame Damage Means the Entire Car Is Unsalvageable

Unibody frame cars have their frame and body as a single part. It’s a myth that unibody frame damage always results in total vehicle failure. Skilled mechanics can fully recover your unibody frame car, and they can do that in several ways.

Insurance Companies Will Pay Everything for Your Totaled Car

Insurance companies consider total loss if the repair costs exceed the vehicle’s original value. You’re still responsible for paying any outstanding amount on your loan or car lease.

Professional auto mechanics will advise you about how much your insurer will cover and how much you need to pull from your pocket.

Wrapping Up

You might need it now, but knowing the truth about auto body repair will potentially save you a series of headaches. You’re free to choose your preferred mechanics for your car body repair, so consider the shop’s reputation when making your choice to ensure that you get a quality service. Contact Fred’s Auto Service Inc. today at (419) 476-9482 and let one of our auto body repair specialists evaluate and repair your vehicle.

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