Top 5 Auto Body Repair Myths Debunked

Finding an auto repair shop nearby after being in a car accident is a situation that you never want to be in.

But here you are. You’re looking to find the best local repair shop for your car, and you’re undecided. You’ve heard of auto body repair myths before, and right now you’re unsure if you’re going to settle with your trusted local repair shop or stick with your dealership.

Thankfully, this blog will help you make a decision by debunking the common auto body repair myths you may have heard about before!

Myth #1: Your Insurance Company Will Pay for ALL Repair Costs

The truth: While your insurance company may pay for most of the damages, it will still depend on how much the total damage cost is and the extent of the coverage of your policy. Before you commit to repairs, read over your policy terms to have an understanding of what areas are covered by your insurance.

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Myth #2: You Can Only Visit an Auto Body Repair or Facility Recommended by the Insurance Company

The truth: When you get into a car accident, your insurance company will give you recommendations of facilities you can bring your car to get repaired. However, these are just recommendations, and you are free to choose any auto body repair shop you want. If you already have a trusted local shop, then go there. The choice is your own.

Myth #3: You Need More than One Estimate for Insurance Claims

The truth: When it comes to auto repairs, you need to provide just one estimate to show your insurance company. The only time you should worry about is when the estimate from the insurance is different from your chosen body repair shop. When this happens, you need to communicate with both parties to get it resolved.

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Myth #4: There’s No Guarantee or Warranty from Auto Body Repair Shops

The truth: A repair warranty is not provided by your insurance company as they are not the ones doing the repair works. Guarantees and warranties will be provided by your chosen auto body repair shop. Before any work is performed, make sure that you understand all the repairs to be done and the warranty or any after-service that comes with the work.

Myth #5: Only Dealerships Can Repair Your Car Like Brand-New

The truth: Going to a dealership is the most expensive option when it comes to having your car serviced or repaired. Unless you have the money, you can opt to go to local auto repair shops. Not only do they have matching quality service with dealerships, but some also have OEM or original manufacturer’s parts available for your car. 

Ask for referrals, check for reviews, and make sure to look for auto body repair shops that will give you peace of mind. Educating yourself in regards to car repairs can save you a lot of money. Be aware — and stay safe.

With over 70 years of experience in auto repairs, you can be sure you’re getting the very best service when you come to Fred’s. Contact us today to schedule all of your auto service needs!

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