Why Are Bumpers Critical to Auto Safety

Many people mistakenly believe that bumpers serve as a part of the vehicle’s overall aesthetic, but this is not the case. They serve several important functions in maintaining the structural integrity and proper functioning of your vehicle. Engineers design front and rear bumpers to protect your vehicle and several of its components from physical damage in low-speed collisions.

Protect Your Vehicle

A standard passenger vehicle bumper system consists of a protruding metal, rubber, or plastic cover that encloses a reinforcing bar. This bar is made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or plastic and surrounded by a compressible polypropylene foam or plastic honeycomb layer. Sometimes called “egg crate,” this material is intended to absorb the energy of an impact during a collision and minimize damage. Upon impact, it compacts between the bumper’s reinforcing bar and the vehicle’s body to soak up the energy and direct it toward the opposing vehicle or object.

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Absorb Collision Impact

Bumpers allow your vehicle to absorb the force of a crash from a vehicle traveling up to 5 miles per hour with no resulting damage to the car’s body. When a collision occurs, they protect the structural integrity of the vehicle as a whole and reduce or prevent costly damage to its specific components. Effective bumpers work to safeguard the hood, grille, and trunk of your vehicle, as well as shield sensitive exhaust, cooling, electric, and fuel systems.

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Stay Safe in Future Accidents

As the typical first point of impact in a collision, bumpers are among the most frequently damaged parts of a vehicle. Because it is generally the first part of your vehicle to be impaired in an accident, the bumper is the most likely to require attention. An old or damaged bumper is not just a cosmetic problem; it’s also a safety issue. An ineffective bumper increases the risk of severity in any future collisions, making your vehicle more vulnerable to greater damage. Repair or replacement is required to ensure it regains full capacity for absorbing crash energy in the future.

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Thousands of low-speed collisions occur every day in the US, and a well-maintained bumper can represent the difference between significant, expensive damage, and none at all. Thankfully, bumpers are simple and cost-effective to repair compared to other vehicle parts. If your bumper is dented, scratched, detached, or torn, contact the qualified technicians at Fred’s Auto Body. We can often repair it rather than replacing it, saving you money and getting you back on the road quicker.

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