4 Ways an Auto Repair Shop Can Keep Your Car’s Color Looking Brand New

No matter how carefully you drive and maintain your vehicle, cosmetic blemishes will occur. Whether it’s a dinged door, a scratched rooftop, or just fading from the weather, your vehicle’s color appearance can be improved significantly with a few simple, inexpensive techniques.

Check out the following options provided at Fred’s Auto Body.

Paintless Dent and Scratch Repair

Paintless dent removal (PDR) repairs minor scratches, dings, and dents on your vehicle’s exterior without harming the paint finish. If the paint is still intact, PDR can repair a broad range of damage in both aluminum and steel panels. Also known as “push to paint,” this technique works by applying gentle pressure to the damaged area to guide the metal back into the proper shape. This is accomplished by pushing from the underside of the damaged panel with metal rods or body picks or pulling from the outside with glue or uniquely designed tabs.

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PDR is faster, easier, and less expensive than other dent repair options and allows for enhanced longevity of your vehicle’s exterior. This method’s success depends on the paint’s flexibility and how much the metal has stretched due to damage, which is affected by the metal’s thickness, the curvature of the area where the damage occurred, and the impact’s severity. Shallow dents have a greater likelihood of being repaired by PDR, but even large dents with diameters of several inches can be fixed if the metal and paint have not been stretched.

Computerized Color Matching

Vehicle manufacturers utilize a vast range of paints, some of which are specific to particular brands or models. Rather than spending time and effort attempting to find the color code for your vehicle, you can bring it to Fred’s Auto Body for computerized color matching. With this technology, a technician scans your entire vehicle with a device to find the precise color, meaning you won’t be left with a spot several shades brighter or darker than the rest of the body. This technique even accounts for weather wear to ensure you get the absolute best match.

BASF Auto Paint Shop

We offer paint from BASF Automotive Refinish Systems, an industry-leading chemical company considered the global expert in paint color technology. For over 150 years, BASF has developed the highest-quality coatings for collision repair, custom builders, restoration facilities, commercial transportation, and specialty markets. Its innovative products are backed by technical training and scientific color information systems, and the company employs some of the most distinguished color tech experts in the industry

Clear Coating

Clear coating is the process of painting your vehicle with a clear resin or paint to increase durability and like-new appearance. It prevents the colored coat underneath from oxidization (when exposed to water and the sun’s ultraviolet light fades the paint into a dull, chalky surface prone to rusting). This extends the lifespan of your paint job by protecting it from the elements. Clear coating also allows for easier buffing of scratches or acid rain damage. Finally, it enhances the look of your vehicle by making it look glossy and polished.

Contact Fred’s Auto Body at (419) 845-8889 to discuss options for enhancing your car’s appearance, including paintless dent removal, computerized color matching, BASF paints, and clear coating. If you are unhappy with your current paint job, we can help you by applying a brand new color in a high-quality, long-lasting formula that will look beautiful for years to come.

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