How Does Computerized Color Matching Work for Cars?

Collisions, age, and weather damage your vehicle in more ways than one. Collision repair technicians work to restore your car to its original condition. This service includes fixing dents and replacing parts of the vehicle. However, making these repairs is one thing — making sure that the fresh paint matches the original is another.

Custom paint jobs on cars make it a challenge for technicians to find the exact shade and complete the restoration. They also have to consider that even if they matched the same color, it wouldn’t match the car’s current shade as paint tends to fade over the years.

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That’s where computerized color matching comes in. Experienced technicians factor in the car’s shade because it’s not enough to get the right match. Doing so avoids sloppy restoration where the car door is two shades brighter than the rest of the body. Modern-day garages employ advanced technology to ensure that the new coat matches the rest of the car’s body.

How Computerized Color Matching Works

Computerized color matching eliminates the time wasted looking for the right color match to any vehicle. Modern garages employ the use of a device called the spectrophotometer.

The spectrophotometer scans your vehicle and detects the exact shade of your car’s current color. The technology can factor in weather-wear and light to determine the precise color of the car. It makes sure that the new paint used will match the car’s body, making the repair work seamless.

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After the spectrophotometer collects the data, the machine pairs the data with the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Then it calculates the accurate paint formula the technician can use on the vehicle.

The data gathered by the spectrophotometer provides repair technicians with a solid foundation of the vehicle’s current paint. Computerized color matching completely removes the guesswork and makes repairs go faster. Once the right paint is applied over the repaired parts, you will have a car that looks and feels brand new.

Technicians all over the country have been using computers to execute repairs with more precision and accuracy. Not only does computerized color matching make everything faster, but it also assists in improving the services repair technicians can offer. Through technology, technicians can restore vehicles much better than before.

The Bottom Line

Cars come in different shades of colors. One car’s yellow is not another car’s yellow. Even if the technician has found the right color, they must still note the light and weather-wear to avoid any inconsistencies in color. Repairs must be unnoticeable and seamless. Even if the technician has done their best in fixing dents, their work would still look amateurish and unprofessional if they aren’t able to color match correctly.

Only computerized color matching guarantees 100% accurate results. Should you need major or minor fixes, you must go to repair shops that know how their way around color matching. Having a cohesive paint job can make any car look its best.

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