The Dangers of Delaying Auto Repair After a Collision

If your vehicle sustains minor damage in a car accident or has small dents from parking lot mishaps, you may be wondering if you need to have it repaired immediately or if you can put it off until later. There are several reasons that delaying auto repair, even in the case of what appears to be minor damage, can end up costing you more.

Delayed Auto Repairs Can Cost You More

The decision to repair minor dents and vehicle damage is often more difficult than a major collision that requires a repair to get it back on the road. The truth is that even small dents and minor damage require a trip to a certified body specialist.

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The following are reasons you shouldn’t wait to fix your car.

  • You may have damage to sensors or airbags that you can’t see. Even minor accidents can impact the car’s electrical sensors and result in damage to airbags.
  • You may have structural damage that is not visible. After an accident, the dent in your door or the damage to your bumper may not seem like something that requires your immediate attention. That might not be the case. There may be damage to parts that you can’t see, such as the steering mechanism, brakes, or damage to the exhaust system.
  • Not fixing small dents can lead to corrosion. If you do not have the damage to your vehicle’s paint and clear coat repaired, Moisture can penetrate the unprotected metal and cause rust. If your car is exposed to severe weather or routine washing, the rust will spread faster, which can compromise your car’s structural integrity. The longer you wait to fix it, the more costly the repair, and the lower the vehicle’s life expectancy.

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  • Choosing not to repair the small dents and car door dings can lower your car’s resale value. Potential buyers may view these unrepaired issues as signs that you did not take proper care of your vehicle.
  • An auto body repair specialist has the training to evaluate your car properly after a collision. By taking your car to a body shop for a complete evaluation, you can be confident that your vehicle is safe to drive. Our trained technicians know what things to look for beyond the cosmetic damage visible to you as a car owner.

Even a minor collision can have a major impact on the safety and condition of your vehicle. Contact Fred’s Auto Service Inc. today at (419) 476-9482 and let one of our auto body repair specialists evaluate and repair your vehicle.

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