Top 6 Qualities of Trustworthy Auto Body Repair Shop

Finding trustworthy auto body repair can be challenging — everything from all the available choices down to your preference of where, when, and how you want things done. But knowing what to look for can make the decision much more manageable.

Here, we cover the top 7 qualities of a trustworthy auto body repair shop.

Preferred By Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will ensure that all repairs on your vehicle are done correctly, especially if they’re paying the bill. As such, insurance companies will have a list of service centers that they work with directly. If insurance carriers favor your auto shop, you can trust that they provide quality work and continuously meet expectations.

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Have Certified Technicians

Certificates are awarded to mechanics who have mastered specific skills, one of the most popular being the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. Before getting this certification, an individual will need to pass a demanding test in a wide range of automotive areas. Furthermore, these certifications need to be renewed every year, ensuring that technicians are always up-to-date with the latest automotive technologies.

Provide Warranties

Warranties can provide car owners with peace of mind knowing that they can go back without having to shell out any more money if any repairs fail. This is usually a big motivator for people choosing a repair shop. So before you allow an auto shop to do any work, make sure that there are warranties available.

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Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction

A trustworthy auto repair shop knows that its business would fail if it weren’t for its customers. Keeping customers satisfied should be the top priority for all repair shops. Even small things like greeting their customers or having a mechanic personally address your questions can go a long way to keeping customers satisfied.


Local ownership means the shop is not confined to the operating procedures and standards of a large conglomerate. It usually also means that the shop holds a special and more personal relationship with the local community. Locally owned auto repair shops take upholding their reputation personally. They are invested in their business, their community, and their customers.

Don’t Settle

Working with the right auto service center will ensure that your car is repaired correctly. For all your auto body repair services that have all the qualities listed above, head over to Fred’s Auto Service, where we can deliver results and customer satisfaction.

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