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I Have Been Taking My Cars to Fred’s for Over 10 Years. They Have Provided Me With Exceptional Customer Service and Very Good Work. Done In a Timely Manner and They Pay Attention Details. They Make Me Very Comfortable When I Go In the Shop for Needed Repairs. I Will Continue do Business With Fred’s. Thank You For Many Years of Wonderful Service.


Our Tahoe Had Very Bad Hail Damage. We Took It To Fred”s and You Would Never Know There Was Damage Done to Our Truck. Had It Back the Same Day. I Recommend Fred’s to All Our Friends.

Dawne and Jeff


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Makes your car look like new, if not better.

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I was just beginning my night. It looked promising, having scored 3 in a row 20 plus dollar fares. It was going to be good. Then reality set in. I had a call over on Galena st, which was now heavily populated by trucks and what not because the freeway was being rebuilt. Being the nice guy that I am I got out of the cab to go into the bar to get my passengers. Getting back in was another story. In the process of getting back in, some fool came by and tore my door clean off. Of course, he sped off, and I wound up getting a ticket from the police. Talk about adding insult to injury. I was done for the night and my boss wasn't too pleased either. I had the car towed to my house, where I could put it in a lot. By morning, it was at Fred's. I don't recall his name, but he is a master. Surveying the damage, he told me that he not only could fix it, but make it as good as new. He worked for hours and I watched him perform his magic. He recreated the hinges, and by the evening, he was done and no one could even tell that the car was even damaged. I would not hesitate one iota to use this shop again. He is a miracle worker, and he doesnt charge an arm and a leg to fix your ride. You will be glad and that's a fact. BTW, the ticket was dismissed after a short lecture by the judge. Sometimes the planets will align and everything will work out.

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